Registrar of Co-operative Societies

Department of Co-operation




The main task of the department is to facilitate the formation and working of the cooperative societies in the state for the purpose of promoting self help and mutual aid among societies in the state for the persons with common economic needs so as to bring about a higher standard of living, better business, better method of production and equitable distribution. The department is responsible for registration, submission, assistance, counselling and control of registered cooperative societies and for development of cooperative movement and control over cooperative education. Apart from performing the statutory functions, the department is responsible for implementing the various plan schemes implemented through cooperative societies in various sectors of the economy covering agriculture, farming, fisheries, dairy industries, processing, marketing, housing etc.


» All round development of the Cooperative movement in the State

» Regulation of cooperative Societies

» Supervision of Cooperative Societies

» Assistance & Counselling to Registered Cooperative Societies

» Inquiry & Inspection of Registered Cooperative Societies on request

» Election in Cooperative Societies

» Deregulation and liquidation of non- functional Cooperative Societies

» Recovery of sums due as Cooperative Demand as arrears of land revenue

» Cooperative Education

» Regulation of Money lenders


Prosperity and equity through Cooperative and self help.


Establishment of a strong and vibrant Cooperative Sector in the state through voluntary formation, democratic functioning and professional management of viable Cooperative Societies as peoples Institution for the economic & social betterment.